Are you ready to go green?

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Create your power and reduce your reliance on the grid

Consume more clean power rather than gas/coal/nuclear-generated

Get paid for any power exported to the grid

Charge electric vehicles for free

Renewable energy supplier, solar panel and solar system repair and sale

We are a comprehensive engineering Company that specializes in green energy for customers across diverse industries. We engineer and deliver cost-effective green energy solutions for a more connected and sustainable world. Our expertise gained executing projects in the solar, green energy, and renewables sectors have made us the partner of choice for our Customers.

No Salesperson Experience

Make a decision in your own time

Advice and Guidance

TO help you make an informed decision

Save Money and the Planet

Reduce your carbon contribution drastically


Creating Infrastructures For Future PV Systems

IPHIGEN provides comprehensive engineering consultancy services for Clients across diverse industries, delivering critical solutions for a more connected and sustainable world. The Company’s expertise gained executing projects in the PV solar green energy and renewables sectors has helped IPHIGEN Clients transforming intangible ideas into innovative solutions.

We specialize in the installation of High-Efficiency DC charging stations and Home charging stations for cars

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