About Company

IPHIGEN is a multinational carbon-neutral energy consultancy firm whose professional and technical solution has helped customers globally complete cutting-edge green energy projects. Projects executed have created jobs, grown economies, increased access to energy resources, and made a positive contribution to achieving a safer, cleaner place for local communities.


Today’s challenges in energy management, climate change, and urbanization require innovative solutions to progress to a better connected and sustainable future world. Our mission of conducting business in a socially economically and environmentally responsible manner is at the center of everything we do and help our Clients continuously safeguard the environment, meet energy efficiency targets and grow regional economies.


At IPHIGEN we consider ourselves to be one of the leaders in project management and engineering for the energy and renewable energy sectors.

A word from our CEO

At IPHIGEN Ltd, our best asset is our global team of highly professional and knowledgeable women and men, who, through their hard work, passion, dedication and perceptiveness, continuously drive our firm forward.

Over the years, we have collectively worked to build a business portfolio that predominantly focuses on energy sources of the future. We are extremely proud to be able to continue to provide our Clients with the help, support and expertise needed to transform intangible ideas into innovative solutions. 

On behalf of the Executive Board of IPHIGEN Limited and our people around the world, we would like to thank our Clients for the trust place in us and look forward to serving their best interest.

Mr Koakan (Meng, CEng, MBA) President of the Global Executive Board IPHIGEN Limited